Mast systems

We provide services with over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing mast systems. We manufacture movable, thermally insulated equipment shelters with masts designed for arctic environments and equipped with both active and passive self-defense systems. Using an automatic telescopic mast, equipment can be lifted up to 35 meters.

We offer mast systems with features such as

We offer mast systems with features such as

  • EMP/NBC protection

  • Bullet and fragmentation protection

  • Office-level workspaces

  • Automatic air conditioning

  • Automatic fire extinguishing system

  • Automatic mast system, height 33 m, maximum top load 150–2000 kg

  • Automatic leveling system

  • Integrated stand-by generator

  • 3~32A or 3~63A electrical system

  • DC voltage systems

  • Humidity management


We also carry out maintenance, repairs and modifications to mast systems with expertise.

Our deliveries include documentation, manuals, and user training, and we ensure that the products are maintained throughout their entire lifecycle.

From start to finish – from design to maintenance